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Lynn Oakley BSW
Heal Your Life® Coach and Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Eden Energy Method® Practitioner, Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist, 200HR Certified Yoga Instructor,  Energy Codes® Remote Healer and Ordained Spiritual Minister

It is such a sacred honor to connect with people on a physical, energetic and spiritual level.  We are limitless beings that have the ability to change our lives, heal our bodies and shift ancestral patterns.  Because each one of us is beautifully unique, we require unique ways of healing.  Each Love and Light Energy Therapy Session is based on what YOU feel is best for YOU. 


My specialties include:

*Heal Your Life® Coaching and Teaching.  This is based on the beautiful lifework of Louise Hay. It includes affirmations, visualization, mirror work, inner child work, releasing fear and best of all LOVING YOURSELF! 

*Eden Energy Method® Practitioner.  This is based on the work of the amazing Donna Eden.  It includes listening to our body with energy testing, learning and practicing easy tools to balance our energies, and working all 9 of our energy systems.  This method uses crystals, magnets, and selenite.

*Yoga and Meditation.  Connect, move and breathe to assist in releasing tension, lengthening your body, creating space in your joints and peace in your heart. 

*Vibrational Sound Therapy.  With the use of therapeutic bowls and chimes, our body and our neurological system is able relax on a very deep level to allow for powerful healing. This is a wonderful tool for those that have trouble quieting their minds.  

*Reiki.  This is a powerful tool based on the spiritual teachings of Mikao Usui. This is a hands on and off technique that is strengthened by ancient reiki symbols.  This is what got me hooked on energy work.  It is so simple, peaceful and relaxing. 

*Energy Code ® Remote Healing.  This is based on the work of the amazing Dr. Sue Morter.  This work allows me to connect energetically to people anywhere on the planet.  

We all have the Light within us to heal our body, connect to our inner wisdom, remember our strengths and make shifts that change the course of our lives for the better.   I would love to have the opportunity to assist you in achieving everything listed above and more! 

Services Offered

Energy Therapy Sessions

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One on One Yoga & Meditation Sessions


Sound Bath Meditation Classes


Heal Your Life® Coaching and Teachings

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