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Each session consists of energy testing, holding acupressure points, vibrational sound therapy, crystals and aromatherapy. Each one is different but always interactive. You will learn new tools to use daily that assist in balancing energies, increasing immune health, self-awareness, healing, strengthening, and self-empowerment. 

Types of Energy Therapy Sessions

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Golden Parchment

Advanced Chakra Clearing

Our chakras are made up of 7 layers. Each layer holds energy/emotion from the current moment all the way back to what our ancestors passed along to us in their energetic/emotional DNA. This session helps to clear what our subconscious is ready to release. It also strengthens the connection between each of our 7 main chakras.

Advanced Substance Testing

If you suspect that you have any sensitivities to food, current supplements, toiletries or any other substance and/or material that you use on a daily basis, you can bring them in and we will energy test to find out what makes your energy shine. 


Blazing Eye

Detox/Energy Booster

This is a gentle session that helps to detox, flush and restore your organs and the entire body.  

Pain Management

This session uses several gentle pain releasing techniques. As a result, the body may release energetic/emotional blockages and decrease the pain, which encourages healing. 

Heart Lock and Crown

Overall Wellness Balancing

When you feel like you're not yourself or you are finding that one side of your body feels off, this session is for you. We will balance your yin/yang energy, open and ground your feet and hands. 

Immune System Recharge

This session is for anyone who has recently experienced a serious illness, has finished or is currently going through cancer treatment or who has a chronic illness.


Crystal Ball

Discovery Session

This session is for anyone who has a chronic condition and is looking for a different approach to finding relief.  I do NOT diagnose illness but your energies can lead us in a direction to help balance your systems.

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Therapeutic bowls are placed on and around the body. The vibrations gently flow through the body and help to balance the energies, ground our roots and calm the mind.  

Crystal bowls and Beta chimes are played to balance the energies within and around the body.  They speak to all nine of your energy fields.  

Yoga and Remote Healing

One on One Yoga & Meditation 

Each yoga program is developed specifically according to the student's needs, goals, and level of fitness.  Clients range from high school students training for a specific sport to mature adults working towards strengthening their core, increasing flexibility, or helping to relieve joint pain.  This is also a great place to start if you are not yet feeling comfortable attending a group yoga class.  

Remote Healing Sessions

This session consists of a 15 min virtual consult, 30 mins of transmission, rectifying any distortions, enhancing the power of Divine love and a short email describing what occured.  This is for anyone who cannot come into the office.  

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